Our Travel Advisor Team

Power Travel's team of twenty dedicated travel consultants have a minimum of 10 years experience in the travel industry and we speak 6 languages. Topping $15 million in annual sales, our customers are loyal because they appreciate the quality of service that our agents happily provide. You can always find someone in our office who has visited a destination – both foreign and domestic - that you are inquiring about. Each of our travel consultants has traveled the world extensively and can recommend the places you are sure to love. Their extensive first-hand knowledge of many of the world's finest hotels, cruises, resorts and cities is the cornerstone of Power Travel's success.

Matilde Broder – President
Email: matilde@powertravel.net
Years in business: 39
Languages: English, Spanish and a little Greek
Specializes in: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America as well as cruises world wide.

Lisa Mazzillo
Years in business: 17
Languages: English
Specializes in: Honeymoons, adventure, and exotic destinations

Jane Berk
Email: Jane@powertravel.net
Years in business: 32
Languages: English
Specializes in: Europe, Asia, honeymoons, exotic destinations

Karen Bodner
Email: karenb@powertravel.net
Years: 30 
Language: English 
Specialty: Europe and cruises

Elaine Charnow
Email: elaine@powertravel.net
Years in business: 30 
Languages: English 
Specializes in: Europe, USA, and Asia

Christina DiRusso
Email: christina@powertravel.net
Years in business: 23 
Languages: English, Croatian 
Specializes in: Honeymoons & Destination Weddings, Platinum Sandals & Beaches, , Family traveland vacations

Marilyn Epstein
Email: marilyn38@powertravel.net
Years in business: 30+
Languages: English 
Specializes: honeymoons, golf, US and international

Adrienne Goodman
Email: adrienne@powertravel.net
Years in business: 22
Languages: English
Specializes in: Europe, Asia, and adventure travel

Viviane Gringer
Email: viviane@powertravel.net
Years in business: 30
Languages: English, French, Arabic, 
Specializes in: Europe, Morocco, Caribbean, Anguilla, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia

Anna Marie Gulizio
Email: anna@powertravel.net
Years in business: 16
Languages: English
Specializes in: US, Cruises, Caribbean, Mexico

Kimberly Kaminsky
Email: kimberly@powertravel.net
Selling Travel Since: 2007
Languages: English
Specializes in: Adventure, Beach and Sun, Family Vacation, Food and Wine

Cindy Katz
Email: cindy@powertravel.net
Years in the industry: Over 20 years of experience               Languages: English
Specializes in: corporate travel, Caribbean and cruises

Tracy Lehrer
Email: tracy@powertravel.net
Years in business: 22
Languages: English
Specializes in: Group Travel, Disney, Alaskan, Carribean and European Cruises

Ann Marchese
Email: ann@powertravel.net
Years in business: 30
Languages: English
Specializes in: Cruises including river cruises, Italy and corporate travel

Kathie Narwocki
Email: kathie@powertravel.net
Years in business: 17
Languages: English 
Specializes in: Africa, China, Cruises, Disney, Hawaii, Caribbean & Honeymoons

Rene Perez
Email: rene@powertravel.net
Years in field: 11
Languages: English & Spanish
Specializes in: luxury travel worldwide and community service/summer adventure for teens in Ecuador & Peru

Marilyn Rippe
Email: marilynr@powertravel.net
Years in field: 38
Languages: English
Specializes in: exotic and adventure travel

Randi Weinstein
Email: randi@powertravel.net
Years in the field: 30+ 
Languages: English
Specializes in: Corporate and leisure travel


   Susan Zurbin-Hothersall
   Email: susanz@powertravel.net
   Years traveling: 33
   Specializes in: Honeymoons, River Cruises, Beach and Sun, Family Vacations                                                                    Destinations: Europe, USA, Canada and Caribbean